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Chaincreator ICO Project

Bring your ICO project to us and we will take care of the rest, from A to Z.

We are CHAINCREATOR STUDIO, an international team of professionals from marketing, business development and IT, turning your ICO into a successful business.
During your campaign, we will take care of managing, growing and successfully implementing every step.


Idea Validation


Having an idea is the first step towards success.
But how do you know if the market is ready for your solution? Does it have a real use case for Blockchain?
Our team of experts will test and validate some of the central concepts in order to make sure that your plan is valid.

We care about your idea!
Project Management


Once we have fully grasped the concept of your Blockchain startup and have successfully validated your idea, your project will be ready for onboarding and crafting the full ICO concept. A proper timeline and allocation of resources is the extremely important element in successfully completing your ICO campaign

We care about your planning!
Roadmap creation


After your idea is validated, we make a detailed plan on how your project is going to be executed.
Based on this initial roadmap we will draft a comprehensive marketing strategy, and we will make sure that your resources are effectively used in order to maximize your campaign's success.

We care about your deployment!
Brand Management

Brand Management

Our branding specialists will create awareness and brand recognition, with effective strategies to ensure your business stands out in an extremely crowded market.
We will constantly track any negative or harmful content and react to it in­stantly to make sure it is addressed before it gains traction and causes any damage.

We care about your brand!
White Paper Creation

White Paper

Your White Paper is your most important marketing tool.
The majority of Token backers will make up their mind based on the clarity and excellence of this document. Our staff will produce a clear and professional White Paper that contains all the important technical and legal information.

We care about your success!
Website Creation


Having a professional and suggestive website gives your ICO the credibility all contributors are looking for. After getting to know your business from inside-out, we will start wireframing and designing your stunning, SEO optimized website. We want to make sure that your online presence is up to your community’s expectations.

We care about your image!
Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Video is taking content marketing by storm. Last year alone, video accounted for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Videos are excellent for informing and educating, since mostof us are visual learners. A video that communicates your unique selling point is also much more Iikely to be shared than plain text. With that in mind, we guarantee that your video will attract views.

WWe care about your approach!
Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials

Part of having a strong brand is being seen. While you are attending conferences and networking events you need high quality promotional materials to stand out—we’ve got you covered with these as well!
We will create engaging banners, as well as creative image and text ads for all your marketing campaigns.

We care about your creativity!
Social Media Management

Social Media

We focus on organic and paid social media campaigns, as well as getting your project exposed to niche crypto communities on Reddit, Steemit, Bitcointalk, and other similar platforms.
Your success is depending on creating sustainable communities which can allign to your values.

We care about your communities!
PR and Media Management

PR and Media

An essential part of creating brand awareness is getting your PR strategy right. We are helping you draft efficient Press Releases and distribute them among the largest database of News Outlets around the world.
We will also distribute your Press Release to trusted media around the world

We care about your credibility!
Legal and Compliance

Legal and

We constantly analyze the ICO regulations in different locations on a case-by-case basis. Our international legal team can protect you and provide clear direction to keep you focused on the most viable and secure markets.
Your project will be in the right hand with our specilists working on building the right infrastructures.

We care about your ICO’s security!
Agreement Drafting


The professional draft of a Token Agreement, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are there to protect both you and your Token buyers. Our legal team creates complex yet clear documentation that will carry your ICO through any legal complexity.
Our team will be making sure that all the needed agreements are being done for you.

We care about your time!


Ad Buying

You will have a dedicated ad buyer at your disposal that will run your full ad buy campaigns on thousands of websites around the world. Our media buy agents keep a constant eye on media trends, assess the efficacy of certain platforms and media channels, and choose the most efficient ones to place advertising campaigns for your ICO.

*A 10% fee of all managed ad buy funds apply

Bounty Program

The most successful ICOs offer a bounty campaign that rewards the ICO community for completing marketing tasks or recognizing bugs.
We coordinate the entire bounty campaign on your behalf to ensure your community is properly recognized and compensated for its efforts.


Affiliate marketing is a key strategy for your ICO to get contributors to buy your tokens.
By managing and rewarding your affiliates properly, your ICO will get significant traction.
We will provide you a dedicated affiliate manager who will manage your affiliate campaign.


Guaranteed Access to
CC Market Platform

Your ICO story is portrayed in a very clean, simple, and inspiring way on our platform, so that potential Token buyers can quickly understand what your Token does and how we generate your ERC token and design your smart contract, all within our software base.

By launching your crowdsale on our platform, your ICO will receive substantial credibility through our ICO review procedure. Additionally, it will receive exposure in front of established Token buyers, and even the general public by offering multiple payment methods. This enables your ICO to raise substantial amounts in funding.

* terms and conditions and pricing of CC Market apply on top of the service fee Visit

Guaranteed Listing on
CC Exchange Platform

The biggest challenge ICOs are currently facing is getting listed on an Exchange. Once the ICO is completed, token holders and the team itself will need to be able to liquidate their digital assets by exchanging them. Most ICOs are currently getting rejected by Exchanges.

We are solving this issue by making sure that yourToken gets listed on our own crypto-to-crypto exchange, resolving the issue around liquidity and ensuring the increase of your token’s value.

* Terms and Conditions and Pricing of CC Market apply on top of the service fee. Visit

Guaranteed Covering on
CC News Aggregator

We live in an attention economy and getting the right audience’s attention is very important. New ICOs are made public through news outlets, but with the rise of scam ICOs, getting your brand into premium sites can be challenging. Therefore, we guarantee that your press release and the news regarding your project gets first traction on our own News site.




Full concept creation and ico management

ICO goes live :
3-4 MONTHS after order

200,000 €


Full concept creation and ico management + speed delivery

ICO goes live :
1 month after order

250,000 €


Full concept creation and ico management + speed delivery
+ fund raising guarantee
2,000,000 EUR

A commitment of 500,000 EUR ad buy budget must be given by the ICO organizer

500,000 €


Full concept creation and ico management + speed delivery
+ fund raising guarantee
5,000,000 EUR

A commitment of 1,000,000 EUR ad buy budget must be given by the ICO organizer

1,000,000 €

*Insured package : offers you a guarantee that you will raise at least 2 Million EUR in your ICO campaign with 100 % Money back guarantee.

**Insured package : offers you a guarantee that you will raise at least 5 Million EUR in your ICO campaign with 100 % Money back guarantee.


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